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Snoop Dogg NFT Passport

Snoop Dogg NFT Passport

 Snoop Dogg Launches NFT Collection for Fans to Follow His Tour:
- Snoop Dogg has launched an NFT collection called the Snoop Dogg Passport Series, which provides access to behind-the-scenes videos and photos of his tour.
- The NFT passport holders will also be eligible for future releases like artwork and merchandise, and the project was developed in collaboration with the Web3 platform Transient Labs.

 Snoop Dogg Continues to Innovate in Web3:
- Snoop Dogg has been actively participating in various Web3 endeavors, including proclaiming himself as the anonymous NFT collector 'Cozomo de’ Medici' and co-founding the Web3-powered live-streaming platform Shiller.
- The rapper believes that digital merch is a part of the future and encourages other artists to follow his steps in innovating with Web3 technology.

Not only is he already a pioneer in the music industry as a legend , but he is becoming a pioneer for the web3 industry as merging than more than just a rapper.

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